A Vision Of Independent Advisorship

Use this to convey Ron’s vision of the independent advisor

  1. culture
  2. 7 figures, 4 days a week, vacations, and 5 handicap and what that means
  3. leverage for success, we all only have so much willpower, time, knowledge, and experience, plus we are naturally skilled at somethings and not at others. As a guiding principle you can unlock success by leveraging one or more of client service, technology, marketing, and money management.


I began my career on January 31, 1984 when I was just 18 years old. While I knew there was a long road ahead for myself personally and professionally, I had the advantage of knowing why I was taking up my professional banner: I was going to help my clients secure a stronger financial future while chasing my passions and spending time with my family. This guiding vision has evolved to become what Entry Point Advisor Network provides financial professionals and it continues to guide us. Today the team refers to this vision as the 7-5-4 Professional; 7 figure income, 5-handicap, and 4 days a week.

7 Figure Income

Success in financial services is multi-dimensional and extremely rewarding. Examining our calling more closely, a financial professional’s impact is measured by the number of clients they have meaningfully helped. The job is about helping more people and anything which detracts from our ability to do so is an obstacle between our success and best using our time. Using this perspective of “what is preventing me from helping more people” an Advisor or Agent can decipher where they should begin to seek out leverage or support in order to maximize their impact on their community, their success, and to create a sustaining successful mindset for realizing the financial freedom and professional fulfillment advisors and agents seek.

For our cross-channel back office, this perspective predisposes us to incorporating simple to use, synergistic, and powerful member firms who can provide advisors and agents the time efficiency, tools, and marketing they need to spend more of their time helping clients not managing minutia within their businesses.

5 Handicap

I am clearly an avid golfer, but the 5-handicap is meant to be symbolic of all our extra-professional passions.

personal fulfillment

I had personal goals to attend and unclear future or uncertainty limited my ability to focus. by focusing on golf and business seperately, i was able to spend more time working on the business and happiness . creativity ensued in both as fulfillment rose!

At Entry Point Advisor Network, we complement this business approach through our prompt professional service and  Independent Advisor Rewards program.We believe our agnostic approach helps support your practice level projects, campaigns, new business, and goal setting from a truly holistic perspective  without limiting you to captivity so you. By providing our professionals white-glove over the top service and support through a single relationship spanning multiple dimensions, we inspire the confidence they need to reach the next level of success across passions. 

On our side – rewards program + mindset to give you premium prompt white-glove service and support. we’’r also being proactive with you, not for you, so you have the benefit of another person looking out for your interests.

4 Days a Week

simple – life is about family and friends not just work.

financial professionals should be able to have financial freedom, satisfaction/fulfillment, and time freedom/lifestyle.

simplicity holistic experience, do what you do best, we help with rest.

powerful conclusion.

Our Mission

To Identify and Improve Cross-Channel Efficiency, Create and Capture Opportunity, and Provide Access to the Most Competitive and Transparent Tools and Support.

Entry Point Advisor Network

1024 E Grand River Ave, Brighton, MI 48116 United States



Disclaimer: This website and all its contents are for financial professionals only. Entry Point Advisor Network is not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker-Dealer, Field Marketing Organization, Custodian, or Agency. Entry Point Advisor Network is PROUDLY a private independently owned and operated company.

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