Business Development Advisor

Business Development Advisor

Entry Point Advisor Network’s Business Development Advisors [BDAs] are the ambassadors of our platforms, culture, and member firms. While traditional financial services still relies on wholesalers representing a single dimensional of suite of services to get them down to clients. Our BDAs look up from your perspective across our diverse suite of member firms in order to provide you turn-key efficiency which turns today’s deficiencies into tomorrow’s strengths.

Our BDAs come with years of experience moving the needle across the industry, understand a holistic practice perspective, and are experts in niches such as practice management, financial planning, insurance, advanced markets, annuities, aum, marketing, and compliance. When you work an Entry Point Advisor Network BDA, you’re working with the entire team. We’ve structured the BDAs to work closely together so each of our Advisors and Agents receives the benefit of their combined capabilities.

How BDAs Work With Agents & Advisors

BDAs work closely with our advisors and agents in order to help them push through to the next level of success. Each relationship typically begins on a single dimension, i.e.: a new Life contract or investment management, but quickly blossoms. As the BDA understands your practice, they can best recommend relevant capability, education & training, or ideas and even guide and follow up on long-term practice management. Every BDA’s goal is to provide premier support to our professionals, represent the spirit of the Entry Point Advisor Network, and ultimately help you help your clients.

What Sets BDAs Apart

BDAs uniquely have a holistic perspective and broad capabilities. By eliminating the conflicts of interest and limited scope of traditional wholesaling we are able to provide a radically improved comprehensive, not captive, suite of solutions that can immediately contribute to your sucess and, over-time, help you realize the vision of the vision of independent advisorship.

What This Means to You

Simplicity for you and your practice, our member firms are chosen partly because they are efficiently synergistic, providing you a more intuitive advisory experience. You also have a single relationship from which you can navigate and leverage the breadth of our member firms capabilities.

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