Our Story, So Far…


We embarked on a journey to revolutionize financial services from the inside out, with a focus on clients not Wall Street. To do this we knew we would have to cultivate an environment that would enable the best people to do their best work, an environment that empowers them to make a real impact while growing personally and contributing to the success of all. This carries on from where our culture code leaves off and serves as a rubric to guide us towards success and away from misunderstanding. As we grow, these principles will continue to guide us. Ultimately it is our duty to uphold and follow these principles.

If you are new to the Entry Point Advisor Network of Companies, welcome!

Together we’ll build something great: Your ideas, energy, and contribution will help keep us shining through the years ahead.

Our Story (So-Far)

Entry Point Advisor Network is the first model of its kind, it’s a growing body of distinct closely related companies that together represent almost every dimension of independent financial services united in purpose, capability, and vision.

The journey began with Ron and Kristin Briggs as they launched an insurance agency back in 1992 called Money Strategies of Michigan. Looking to the future and to continue our growth by expanding beyond Michigan, we branched into an independent producer group, MSM Elite, in 2004. Today, these roots are the heart of Elite Advisors’ Edge and the foundation of the Entry Point Advisor Network.

In 2011, when the financial crisis was fresh in the minds of everyone, we knew there had to be a better way to serve clients and change the industry for the better in doing so. So we began our pure RIA advisory firm Caitlin John Private Wealth Management. A firm where our Advisors would be bound to the success of their clients, and have access to the best solutions spanning investments and insurance products.

In 2012, as we understood the uniqueness of our approach to independent RIA advisorship we knew we had the chance to leverage our experience to help countless other like-minded advisors follow in our footsteps – not only as IARs but as their own RIAs. This epiphany led us to launch, virtually in tandem, A Smarter Way to Invest and SimplyRIA. A Smarter Way to Invest took our proprietary investment management process and makes it available to advisors outside Caitlin John. SimplyRIA is the catalyst for change – it’s where we have the opportunity to understand an advisor’s business and help them intelligently navigate the path towards independent client service as an IAR or RIA.

As we continued to grow, our experience taught us that a new RIA needed so much more than just a registering service, they needed a partner to help them become truly established as a functioning firm. So we grew yet further by launching Elite Advisors Media Group and Timeless Wealth Planning Solutions in 2014 to offer advisors turnkey solutions for both marketing and rigorous financial planning.

You can see how explaining that, especially to anyone experienced in the business, is quite a mouthful. We knew we had to find a way to represent our wide breadth of capability and capture the spirit of our vision. During a brain-storm around a potential deal when we were strategizing an entry point into a relationship, knowing that our commitment to excellence would likely win over business to our other lines, we realized that there it was: Entry Point. Turning today’s pressing pain points into tomorrow’s strengths is our guiding strategy for advisors and clients – it’s how we demonstrate our quality to those who are new the network and earn the loyalty we’ll need to make continued impact.

The Network came into its own, and is the company presented to you today, as we realized we had built a cross-channel modular platform to support forward thinking Advisors and Agents across the country. It only made sense to bring in the trusted partners we worked so closely with as we grew, each bringing with them their own premium capability, vision, and team united by our passion for serving advisors and their clients. Together, we can leverage our synergies to unlock efficiency, maximize success, minimize conflict of interests, and overcome the pitfalls of traditional distribution models.

There’s no one else out there like us – no single organization with so many different stand-alone ways to support independent financial professionals who want to grow their business and best help their clients secure a stronger financial future. That’s really exciting and we are confident that with excellent people, hard work, and commitment to our vision we will set a new higher standard.

Vision for Our Future:

We believe the future of financial services is brighter than ever, because we believe in achieving our ambitious vision of the future. The future we see is an industry of independent professionals dedicated to serving their clients by aligned incentives and supported by the best modular premium solutions for life, annuity and RIA.

Facts that Matter:


This lets us focus on what’s important without outside influence.

More than financial services:

We are committed to the success of our Advisor clients, and know that helping them help their clients realize success in real-world life goals fosters everyone’s success. Our impact extends far beyond financial services.

No soft-dollars:

We prefer transparency and aligned interests, which is why we don’t take any soft-dollar revenues. {Except for investment research made available to us on our custodial platforms…the details of compliance!}.

Our Mission

To Identify and Improve Cross-Channel Efficiency, Create and Capture Opportunity, and Provide Access to the Most Competitive and Transparent Tools and Support.

Entry Point Advisor Network

1024 E Grand River Ave, Brighton, MI 48116 United States



Disclaimer: This website and all its contents are for financial professionals only. Entry Point Advisor Network is not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker-Dealer, Field Marketing Organization, Custodian, or Agency. Entry Point Advisor Network is PROUDLY a private independently owned and operated company.

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