The true independent RIA is often the best model for a simplified multidimensional client-focused practice.

Bringing your book of business to the Registered Investment Advisor space is advantageous for both the Advisor and the Client. To act as a catalyst for the industry and to foster our Advisors’ success we implemented turnkey solutions to help you capture the benefits of a pure RIA in the model that fits your practice’s unique needs.

RIAs can focus on their clients needs, produce recurring revenue, minimize minutia, maximize book value, streamline new client acquisition, and substantially decrease the costs of doing business.


Advisors, Agents, and Accountants all should seriously consider the RIA as a pillar of their success in the future. It’s the best way to establish a securities platform to lsjdf. Our member firms share our commitment to the independent RIA industry and our BDAs are here to help you make informed decisions every step of the way. Learn more about our member firm’s capabilities here (link to partners), read why you should go RIA here and here (links to agencies piece and fiduciary piece), or contact us to schedule an exploratory conversation (link to contact us).

Anything and Everything

Today’s independent advisor is virtually unlimited in their access to solutions of all kinds and the barriers to access continue to fall. If you’re looking to add capabilities to your RIA’s infrastructure we can provide powerful rapidly deployed solutions spanning new jurisdictions, custody or trading, asset management, RIA-friendly Broker-Dealers, or broad insurance product suites. Remember, absolutely everything we do is modular, so we are here to help as much or as little as you want.

Unlock Efficiency

Leverage is thrown around almost to the point of becoming a cliche, but the truth is you need really need to leverage away as much of your non-critical tasks as you can and create streamlined processes within your practice so you can truly spend your time achieving your business and personal goals. Our member firms include industry leading technology and turn-key services to intuitively automate and augment your practice. Regardless of how we support an Agent or Advisor, our BDAs are committed to helping them help their clients.

Fiduciary Future

The regulatory future of our industry is unclear, but we are confident that independent fiduciary advisors with a holistic approach, broad capabilities, efficient processes, sound business planning, and a growth mindset will come out firmly on top. Besides, there are plenty of benefits of marching this direction today anyway: lower costs of doing business, unlimited access, aligned incentives, and a simpler integrated insurance-securities model are each compelling in their own right. We absolutely believe our industry and clients benefit from the growing number of  independent fiduciaries, who make the move by choice, and believe we can contribute to this tectonic shift.   This outlook guides our leadership, decision making, selection of member firms, marketing, services, products, and the work of our BDAs. We want to be as proud of the people we build as we are of the company we build.

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Our Mission

To Identify and Improve Cross-Channel Efficiency, Create and Capture Opportunity, and Provide Access to the Most Competitive and Transparent Tools and Support.

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