Your Premier Institutional Investment Manager

Your Premier Institutional Investment Manager

A Smarter Way to Invest

There is A Smarter Way to Invest. As your premier fiduciary institutional RIA asset manager, we offer a range of formulaic investment models across the risk/reward spectrum

Our Investment Philosophy

A Smarter Way to Invest is an Investment Management firm working with both individual clients and Financial Advisors. We provide investment strategies that are managed internally by our team of portfolio managers and investment analysts as well as strategies offered by outside firms with varying areas of expertise that differ from our own.

Internally, we specialize in investment strategies focused on the value investment philosophy pioneered by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd and popularized by Warren Buffett and many others. This involves in-depth fundamental analysis to determine approximately what a company is worth and only buying stock in said company when it is priced at a significant discount to that value. We ignore short term fluctuations in prices that may be based on the fleeting news stories of the day, and instead focus on realizing the long-term value of the securities we hold.


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Common Investment Categories with Uncommon Results

Our investment models are analogous to investment vehicles such as mutual funds or ETFs that you may already be familiar with. Similar to these types of securities, each of our models is comprised of individual holdings that are selected and supervised by our portfolio managers. Each model has its own defined strategy as signified by its name: Large Cap invests only in the common stocks of companies with a large market value; Dividend Growth invests only in the common stocks of companies that pay a growing dividend; and so on.