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How our IAR advisors are going from $0 to $10 million AUM in 12 months.

The inspiration for the Entry Point Advisor Network came from 34 years in the trenches where I experienced the same pains and struggles so many financial services professionals experience. I am incredibly humbled and gratified each time I hear that our cutting-edge infrastructure, concepts and services enabled an Advisor to do extraordinary things for their clients and take their own careers to the next level.


“There is a formula for capturing large amounts AUM quickly with affluent clients!”

Every day I wake up with a smile, because I know that today is the day that an Advisor will finally muster the courage to leave their Broker-Dealer, Wire-house or start the process of obtaining their IAR status and use our platform to intuitively accumulate significant AUM for the benefit of their clients.
Our foundation is built on a simple message permeates everything we do at every level. 
* Always Do What Is Best for The Client
* Enable Success and Growth through Differentiation
* Follow a Plan
“We have a real formula for intuitively accumulating significant AUM quickly!”
I can confidently say that we have created Your Gateway to the New Financial Frontier! We are exceedingly confident we have the Formula to Your Success!
Warmest Regards,
Ronald J. Briggs, Jr., FIC ™ CRPC ®

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