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How We Strive

Our Commitment

We want to be your practice’s “one-stop-shop” when it comes to growing and bettering your practice. With experts in advanced planning, annuities, compliance, investments, life insurance, marketing, practice management, and registration, our team provides you with one incredibly capable partner equipped to stay one step ahead while you focus on growing your business.

Our Job

Our job is to take our network of products, resources and support and help you create a custom solution to fit your businesses needs. This will allow you to better service your clients and to grow your practice for years to come. 

Our Focus

Our focus is to help you help your clients and grow your business. By understanding your business today and goals for tomorrow, we can help you create and then execute your long-term plan.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to identify and improve cross-channel efficiency, create and capture opportunity, and always provide access and transparency to the most competitive products, tools, and support in financial services.


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A Smarter Way to Invest Market Summary 2-5-20

A Smarter Way to Invest Market Summary 2-5-20

MARKET SUMMARY Provided By: Adam Blocki, CFA, CFP® - Senior Portfolio Manager Aside from two brief hiccups in the second half of the month, January saw most major equity indexes continue their march higher. Unfortunately, those two brief periods saw the S&P 500...

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A Smarter Way to Invest Market Summary

A Smarter Way to Invest Market Summary

MARKET SUMMARY October saw indexes continue to push towards record high levels, a trend that continued into the first few days of November. The S&P 500 set a new all-time high on October 30th which was further eclipsed at the beginning of November. The NASDAQ...

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Accelerated Benefit Riders

Accelerated Benefit Riders

The video above shows a testimonial from Chris Edwards, a client that took advantage of AIG's Accelerated Benefit Rider and how it helped not only him but his family as well. Chris had not had any medical or health issues that would have caused any worry for the...

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