A Unique Program Created to Help Capture the Untapped Potential in Your Network

Grow Your Practice With A Pro Partnership

Have you ever wished you could just refer or team up with another professional to take care of a special case or opportunity outside of your niche market without the fear or risk of opening the door to another Advisor and having them steal your client? 

The Entry Point Advisor Network provides advanced planning concepts and strategies for your HNW and UHNW clientele. With that being said… we set out to provide a unique and vetted solution by making available a collaboration of trusted experts to help you capture the untapped and endless potential in your network and current book of business. You can now capitalize on the vast world of financial concepts, products, and advanced planning strategies and not walk away from these opportunities! We call it our Pro-Partnership Program.

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White Glove, Pro Partnership

For a modest case split arrangement, you will gain an industry expert to assist you in strategizing designing, presenting and closing the case with you. With this plan you will share in some of the workload and responsibilities, but your Pro-Partner will bear the main responsibility of building, presenting, educating and answering the tough detailed questions of the cases. You will be able to satisfy all of your client’s financial goals and objectives and become their trusted source for all future business and of course the referrals that should follow! We call it earn while you learn!

Learn More About The New Financial Frontier

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Hand Off to Your Pro Partner

Many times, we run across niche opportunities that just fall in our lap, but clearly, we know they’re not in our wheelhouse. Instead of avoiding complicated Life cases or Strategies, Define Benefit Plans, Cash Balance Plans, DST’s, QOZ’s, 401K Rollovers, or even cases that may require the expertise of an attorney or CPA, you can hand off these opportunities to Professional Partner and keep moving with your core business! This hands-off approach with your Pro Partner is structured as a 50/50 split case, NOT BAD… knowing your Pro-Partner has a vested interested in getting the case done. It doesn’t get any better than that!

With our Pro-Partnership Program, you can capitalize on these amazing opportunities that tend to be much BIGGER cases with an expert on your team!

It’s easier to reach the top of the mountain when working with a Pro-Partner.