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Become an IAR

Becoming an Investment Advisor Representative is an important decision. We’re here to make sure you have all the information before you take that step.

Traditional Brokers Vs. Fiduciaries

The wealth management industry is transitioning from traditional brokerage models that live in a world of suitability with commission bias, toward the Registered Investment Advisor model, with a fee-based model acting in a fiduciary capacity. This brief video illustrates how this subtle change eliminates conflicts of interest and ensures your Caitlin John Advisor provides you their best thinking (italicize) as you work together toward your retirement goals and objectives.

Choosing the Right RIA

There are many Registered Investment Advisory Firms to choose from, but what are you truly looking for?  With an intimate understanding of what IARs need to grow their practice we might be the right home for you.

True Independence

If you’re doing all of the heavy lifting, why would you allow someone else to own your business? We have a platform that gives you both the support you need and the independence you want.

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As a Caitlin John Advisor, you will work as both architect and engineer to design and implement solutions spanning portfolio management, financial planning, wealth preservation, and legacy transfer for generations to come.