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Caitlin John

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Who We Are

Uniquely Caitlin John

Caitlin John, LLC is a Private Wealth Management Firm based in Brighton, Michigan. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm we work with both individual and institutional investors. Our asset management style focuses on educating our clients on common misconceptions in key areas of investing: true asset class diversification, benchmark correlation, standard deviation and how important risk-adjusted returns are in today’s market environment. As a fee-based assets management firm, educating our clients invokes commitment on their part and accountability on behalf of our Advisors and the firm as a whole.

Our client services extend beyond asset management to provide strategic tax planning and wealth transfer strategies for both retirees and persons preparing for retirement. With our family lineage extending beyond forty years serving clients, Caitlin John is the culmination of our experience and passion. Our mission is to seek, introduce and deliver the most refined and forward thinking financial strategies and management techniques to our clients. Our foundation of ethics and performance standards are driven by one thing: Stewardship.

The New Financial Frontier

Why is Caitlin John the Best Option for IARs?

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) or have been wanting to make a change, here are the top 5 reasons we might be the right firm for you:


    1. We are Fiercely Independent
    2. A Smarter Way to Invest
    3. We offer an amazing level of support
    4. Great compliance without handcuffs
    5. Plug & Play Marketing Platforms


Start Exploring the New Financial Frontier, Today!

Broker Vs Fiduciary

What is the Fiduciary Difference?

If you have been thinking about why becoming an IAR, Investment Advisor Representative, with an amazing firm might be the way to build your business view this video.


Start Exploring the New Financial Frontier, Today!

Our Blog

Informational & Educational

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